Home Cinema Release (03/06/2013)

Presenter and critic Bram Welch takes a look at the weeks latest DVD and Blu-Ray releases, telling you what to watch and what to stay away from…

Wreck-It Ralph

The 52nd Disney feature that, like many before it certainly didn’t disappoint.  It follows the story of Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, a frustrated “bad guy” in a fictional game. Similar to Disney’s most successful trilogy Toy Story the movie is set in a clandestine world, where the game characters come to life after the machines are turned off and all the customers have gone home.

Ralph, frustrated by being overshadowed by the hero of his game, Fix it Felix, sets off on a game-hopping adventure to rectify this.  The film will provide entertainment for both adults and children; with kids being introduced to the candy coloured world of gaming whilst their parents reminisce of kill screens gone by.  Despite a lull midway through,the films plot is enough to pull on the heart strings and keep audiences gripped until the very end.

You can read Liam Hoofe’s Wreck-It Ralph Review Here

You can buy Wreck-ItRalph here: Wreck-It Ralph [DVD]


Flight: The tale of one pilots heroic actions whilst under the influence of alcohol saw Denzel Washington earn huge plaudits for his performance in the lead role. However Denzel’s Academy Award nominated performance is not the only reason to watch this movie. Through its intelligent and well acted script it raises questions of integrity and morality which will leave audiences torn between a rock and a hard place.

Robert Zemeckis’ first live action film since Cast Away (2000) is beautifully shot and provides some intense and thought provoking scenes. A must see.

Bullet to the Head

This is one of the more recent additions to the line of “geriaction” movies we’ve seen of late.  It features an ageing Sly Stallone in a French graphic novel adaption that proves that in fact, revenge does get old.  The Walter Hill film abandon’s storyline to follow old stereotypes that are just like the lead star… overused, too old and too tired.

I Give It a Year

Dan Mazer, a regular writer for Sacha Baron Cohen, brings us the first film that he has both written and directed.  The story follows a mismatched couple, Nat (Rose Byrne) & Josh (Rafe Spall) who marry after 7 months together.  All onlookers believe it will barely last year.  Josh’s ex-girlfirend and Nat’s client are both on hand to provide the clichéd “prettier” alternatives. You know the deal…

The film forces cringey humour and abrasive jokes into a rom-com, and badly misses the mark. Without it’s genre restriction it had the potential to be funnier, but still not worth watching.

Bram Welch


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