Liam’s Weekly Recommendation: Triangle (2009)

The first of my weekly recommendations is Christopher Smith’s wonderfully intelligent 2009 horror film Triangle.


The movie follows a group of youngish adults whose boat capsizes in the middle of the ocean. A cruise liner shows up and they board it seeking refuge only to find that it is abandoned.

Sounds like the set up for a basic slasher movie right? Well it’s extremely difficult to talk about this film without ruining too much of the plot so I’ll keep my mouth shut and let you discover that for yourself.

Confidently directed by British born Smith the movie is a mind boggling experience from start to finish with clear inspiration taken from The Twilight Zone and movies like Don’t look now, Dead Calm and The Shining. This is a must for any horror junkies out there.

The criminally under rated Melissa George gives a fantastic performance in the lead role; having the ability to appear both crazy and cute all in the same scene.

Mind boggling stuff from start to finish Triangle is one of the stand out horror movies of the last five years and one I would strongly recommend.

Check Triangle on IMDB here
Check Triangle on Rotten Tomatoes here
You can buy Triangle here: Triangle [DVD]


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