Home Cinema Release (10/06/2013)

Presenter & critic Bram Welch takes a look at this weeks releases on DVD & BluRay

Daniel Day Lewis, playing Abraham Lincoln, in a movie directed by Steven Spielberg!? Many were amazed this movie didn’t steam roll this years academy awards ceremony but if there was certainty going into the event it was that Lewis was going to pick up his third oscar for his portrayal of Mr Lincoln. Towering above everybody else, his performance was one for the ages and his awards were sealed the moment the ink dried on his contract. This isn’t to say Lewis is the only star of the movie with an impressive supporting cast including the likes of Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones and Joseph Gordon Levitt chipping in with some stellar performances.  Spielberg takes a look at history without favour and appeals to our good sense like Lincoln did to his administration. This film deserved all the plaudits it received.

A Good Day To Die Hard
Ah another geriaction release. This one see’s Bruce Willis’ John McClane assisted, this time, by his son Jack played by Jai Courtney. McClane has become an outrageous and tiresome parody of his former self. The dialogue is tedious and the father/son revelation is embarrassing. Avoid as a film fan and as a Die Hard fan.

Zero Dark Thirty
Kathryn Bigelow shows us the inside track on the 10 year search for Osama Bin Laden. She does this strikingly and amazes any cheap flag waving patriotism in the process. Her film sits brilliantly on the fence; about torture tactics, about America and about this dark part of history. To take on such a loaded subject matter without telling us how to feel is commendable. Jessica Chastain’s lead performance is understated but affecting; her nomination was well earned.  A definite must see for a challenge to your conscience, emotions and beliefs.

Bram Welch



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