Liam’s Weekly Recommendation: Memento (2000)

After confusing you all last week with my first recommendation, the 2009 British horror movie Triangle I’ve opted for an equally mind bending movie this week in the shape of Christopher Nolan’s Memento.

In my opinion still Nolan’s best work to date Memento tells the complex story of one man’s mission to catch and kill the man who brutally raped and murdered his wife. What’s so complex about that I here you ask? Well Lenny (Guy Pearce) has a condition that means he can only remember the last 15 minutes of his life so to counter this he covers his bodies in tattoo’s, reminding himself who he is looking for and what clues he has managed to pick up along the way.

One of the most interested narrative structures ever used on the big screen is used to portray Lenny’s hunt and the film unravels a treat and will no doubt leave many scratching their heads.

Check out Memento on IMDB
Check out Memento on Rotten Tomatoes 
You can buy Memento here: Memento [2000] [DVD]


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