Top 5 Seth Rogen Films

Seth Rogen is just one of the actors set to play a twisted version of himself in This Is The End.  It is also his first attempt at directing thanks to the help of Evan Goldberg, but Bram Welch takes a look at some of his best roles.

Seth Rogen


5.  Pineapple Express

Written by Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen but directed by David Gordon Green this film see’s two pot-smoking friends unknowingly get dragged into the vicious world of drug dealers.  A good buddy movie that can be overly violent at times but is mostly funny.  You do not have to be as baked as the characters to enjoy it.

4. Superbad

A coming to fame cast in a coming of age movie.  The film follows a group of socially inept minors who are trying to procure alcohol in the hope it will provide success with the other sex.  Seth Rogen plays an irresponsible cop who takes Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character, Fogell, under his wing.  It is funny and more emotionally seasoned than you might expect.  A better American Pie for a later generation without the hinderance of sloppy remakes.

3. Paul

I approached Paul as an avid fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  This was the first film Pegg wrote with Frost and not longtime collaborator Edgar Wright.  I was worried that I would get all the little sci-fi references but not actually enjoy the film.  I was very wrong, Pegg and Frost justify the massive budget by providing a film that is pleasing for major audiences and the sci-fi fandom.  Seth Rogen voices and, by the medium of motion capture, is the eponymous character.  Paul is an alien who has recently escaped from Area 51 and is being chased by federal agents.  The film also challenges creationist ideals through Kristen Wig’s character Ruth.  It is full of twists, turns and heart.

2. Knocked Up

One of the best Judd Apatow involved comedies, Knocked Up is the story of an unexpected couple who, after a one night stand, conceive a child.  Seth Rogen’s character, Ben, and Katherine Heigl’s Alison approach their odd coupling tentatively.  The storyline follows their relationship’s ups and downs but the movie is about parenthood, maturity, relationships and how none of us are prepared for them.  It is hilarious, well acted and an excellent view at looming fatherhood from a man’s perspective.

1. 50/50

50/50 takes on the difficult topic of cancer.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays an outstandingly healthy Adam who is diagnosed with cancer.  With Rogen’s character Kyle by his side we see their journey through this difficult time. With the help of his co-star and director Jonathan Levine, Rogen give us an uplifting, funny and moving film.  Together they prove that with enough wit and thoughtfulness no topic is too hard.  Gritty drama and silly humour meet to make a tour de force.

Bram Welch




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