Despicable Me 2 Review

If you’ve visited a cinema in the last two months chances are you have realised just how much certain cinema chains have rammed Despicable Me 2 down our throats. The constant advertising has been relentless and to be quite honest, it had put me off the movie a little. Constant viral videos of Minions dancing to various pop songs began clogging up my social media feeds and any optimism I had for this movie was fading fast.


Despicable Me was released in 2010 and made a shed load at the box office, meaning this sequel was inevitable. Despite its plaudits I was never a fan of Despicable Me; its approach was far too sentimental and it was so desperate to be a Pixar movie it was extremely difficult to enjoy it for what it actually was. Thankfully Dreamworks have righted their wrongs second time around and Despicable Me 2 is (surprisingly) the most enjoyable animated feature of the summer.

Picking up where the last one left off the not so despicable Gru is now trying to settle into a normal life raising his three girls and is venturing into his own business selling jam. All seems to be going well for Gru and his little minions until one day Lucy Wilde from the anti-villain defence league shows up with her lipstick taser and spoils all the fun.

Gru is being asked by the aforementioned AVDL to go on an undercover mission. Someone has stolen a very dangerous chemical and it is down to Gru to find out who it was before, well we’re not really sure but that’s a minor detail.


The constant trailers for this movie implied that the Minions, those lovable little yellow things from the first movie were going to play a much bigger part second time around prompting many to fear that the series would go into overkill and we would be left with nothing more than 90 minutes of Minions and dancing. Thankfully this is not the case, the writers have found the perfect balance between the slapstick humour of the minions and the quick one liners delivered by the rest of the cast.

But the one thing that Dreamworks hasn’t managed to get right quite like Pixar is its accessibility. This is a movie undoubtedly aimed at children and I struggle to see anyone over the age of 12 finding this film particularly hilarious or heart warming. Whereas Pixar have always managed to entertain both adults and children in equal measure it appears that Despicable Me 2 really can’t achieve the same feats and the minions, as cute as they are become less funny as the 90 minutes wear on.

The cast all provide the great voice work they did in the first film: Steve Carell is as zany as ever in the lead role, whilst Kristen Wigg, recast from the first movie is much more suited to her role second time around.

Verdict: The movie will delight small children and is certainly more enjoyable than its predecessor. Lovable if not a little tedious the series is starting to feel a little like a one trick pony and the forthcoming Minions movie may well be a step too far. Only time will tell.



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