Top 10 films of 2013 So Far (As of June 30th)

10: Man of Steel


A controversial choice no doubt but one I am firmly sticking by. Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot has caused uproar amongst fan boys everywhere but to put it kindly, I don’t care. One of the year’s most exhilarating blockbusters breathed life into a Superhero who was fast becoming forgotten on the big screen. Michael Shannon provided a brilliant hammy performance as General Zod whilst Kevin Costner stole the show with a poignant and powerful portrayal of Pap Kent. The visuals were stunning, the action was non stop and the movie even managed to cram a little intelligence in there, what more could you want from a summer film?

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9: Wreck it Ralph



Disney has lost a little ground over the last few years. The Pixar branch’s last few movies haven’t managed to live up to their breathtaking 15 years and Disney’s animated classics have lived in Pixar’s shadow for a considerable while now. So Wreck-it-Ralph was a welcome return to form. Touching, funny and nostalgic Wreck-it-Ralph is Disney’s best film in recent years and the best animated movie of 2013 so far.

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8: This is The End

this is the end


Does This is The End include immature jokes about masturbation and pot? Yes. Is the plot a bit stupid? Yes. Is it funny as hell? Yes!

This is The End was the most side splitting movie released this year. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen have hit a home run with their first directed movie and I for one can’t wait to see what else they have to offer us.

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7: Star Trek: Into Darkness

into darkness


Hands down the best blockbuster released this year Star Trek Into Darkness give Star Wars fans some much needed reassurance that their franchise is in the right hands.

J.J Abrams’ follow up to his 2009 smash hit was an unrelenting thrill ride from the word go and whilst it may not have boldly gone when no Star Trek film has gone before it continued to breath life into the rebooted franchise. Benedict Cumberbatch continued to make a name for himself with a brilliant performance as the movies antagonist whilst Zachary Quinto stole the show as Spock.

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6: Side Effects

rooney mara


Steve Soderbergh has signed out with a bang this year and Side Effects is the first of two entries from the Sundance kid on this list.

Side Effects is perhaps the most mind boggling movie of the year so far: an intriguing moral maze that will leave you wondering just whose side you’re meant to have been on come the final credits.

Rooney Mara steals the show with a beautifully ambiguous performance whilst Jude Law, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta Jones are also on hand to provide great performances. But what really lifts this movie above the rest is its script and the perfect direction of Soderbergh.

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5: Behind the Candelabra



And here he is again. Soderbergh’s story of Liberace’s private life provided us with one of the most flamboyant and funniest movies of 2013 so far. Deemed too gay for Hollywood the film received a TV premiere in the states and a limited theatrical run on this side of the Atlantic.

The great shame coming out of this movie is its ineligibility for any major awards. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are both well worthy of recognition following the performances they give.

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4: Place Beyond The Pines



The second feature film from Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance saw him reunite with Ryan Gosling in an even more ambitious attempt at film-making.

Starring Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling the film was a decade spanning epic separated into three very distinct acts and whilst the movie never quite lives up to its opening third the ambition and scale of this movie is undeniable.

A towering and thought provoking epic that will no doubt grow in stature over time.

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3: A Hijacking


It pains me that this movie only received a limited release and that the majority of people will not have got the chance to see it.

A tense affair from start to finish A Hijacking will get under your skin, send chills down your spine and achieve just about every other horrific cliché you can think of. An incredibly well made film that shows you don’t need big explosions or high octane action scenes to create a tense tale based on true events.

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2: Before Midnight


The third and final (?) chapter in Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy is perhaps the best of the lot.

Rather than playing on the ideals of young love, the former star crossed lovers are now rooted in the mediocrity of middle class life, juggling a pair of twins, different careers and an estranged child back in the US.

Linklater provides us with perhaps his most honest and thought provoking film to date and in doing so has given us one of the best films of 2013 so far.

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1: Mud


Jeff Nichols’ modern day Hucklberry Finn inspired story has hands down been my favourite film of the year thus far. Beautifully crafted with some incredible performances this movie blew me away from start to finish.

Matthew McCoughnaey has had an incredible turn around in his career in the last two years and this has just been the icing on the cake. Perfectly cast as a vigilante known simply as ‘Mud’ he, alongside Tye Sheridan cast as one of the young children in the film give two of the finest performances of the year so far.

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