The Heat

I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’ve had a good moan about Mellisa McCarthy in recent months. Her appearance in The Hangover Part 3 was dreadful and Identity Thief was equally as bad, so I was a little sceptical when I heard she was taking part in a cop buddy film alongside Sandra Bullock, who hasn’t made a decent movie in a good few years.

The Heat focuses on an uptight FBI agent, played by Sandra Bullock and a wise cracking, take no shit cop played by McCarthy. The premise is simple and anyone who’s seen the trailer will just be expecting the usual chalk and cheese kind of gags we get from every other similar cop comedy.

However this film really works for two reasons and they are two I’ve already talked about. You guessed it, Bullock and McCarthy who provide one of the funniest on screen partnerships of 2013, who’d have thought it hey?

The movie moves along at a nice enough pace and the dynamic between the pair, adding to the fact that the film is focused on females as opposed to men normally and we have a very funny film, in fact it’s hand down the film I’ve laughed at most in 2013.

Some of the gags may fall a little flat but on the whole the movie really hits the spot and is one of the most surprising movies of the year so far.

For me this is 2013’s answer to 21 Jump Street.



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