The Conjuring

James Wan’s latest movie The Conjuring has managed to cause quite a stir on the opposite side of the Atlantic, smashing all sorts of box office expectations and achieving rave reviews from many critics. The movie opened last Friday in the UK and already has people posting various comments across all my social media feeds about how it is the scariest film they have seen in years.

Now whilst these opinions may well be exaggerated it is undeniable that The Conjuring is a genuinely frightening film (and when was the last time we had one of those in the multiplex?). The movie is handled with such confident direction from James Wan that it manages to provide old scares with a new feel.

The movie is not a wholly original affair like many are suggesting; this is nothing we’ve not seen before. The obligatory ‘based on a true story’ animals dying, a good old fashioned demonic possession resulting in yes you guessed it, an exorcism. However some superb direction and some stellar acting elevates this movie above any other horror films we’ve seen so far this year.

The best horror film of 2013 so far.



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