The Inbetweeners 2 Review

So the boys are back, and lets be honest here- who isn’t a little sceptical concerning the situation? The last time we saw Simon, Neil, Jay and Will they were all heading off into the sunset after their first lads holiday together and whilst the film may have been mildly amusing it felt more like a lazy spin off than anything else. Popular culture had seemingly swallowed up all their catchphrases and the movie soon become a chore to watch as you’d pretty much read the script quoted over your Facebook feed anyway.

With that in mind many fans of the series felt it was time to call it a day- they’d had their moment and that was that. Fast forward three years and it felt like they were being dragged out once again, this time to Australia, simply to milk every last penny they could out of us.

Sometimes in life however it is nice to dine on a little humble pie, to admit that you were wrong and be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of something- and that is exactly what happened as I left the screening of The Inbetweeners 2.

At the end of the first film it felt almost like we had been a little cheated- we grew to love the group because they were, as the title suggests, inbetweeners. They never got the girls, they never had the great parties and they never got what they wanted, they were lovable losers that we could all relate to. This went out the window at the end of the first movie and something didn’t feel quite right about the gang walking off into the sunset with beautiful women on their arms.

The second movie however takes the boys right back to their routes. Will and Simon are now struggling to settle in to university, the latter with a now pshycotic girlfriend in tow- Neil is doing an unspecified job and Jay is taking a gap year in Australia. The film opens with Jay explaining his life abroad in a way that only he can. In a Wolf of Wall Street inspired sequence he informs us of how he is the biggest DJ in Sydney, owns a mansion and in words ‘is getting a blowy off a different girl every morning’.

Jay’s supposedly debauched life style leads the other three to decide to visit, needless to say, he was lying. Turns out Jay is living a less than glamorous life style out there and that he is in fact just as much, if not more of a loser down under than he was at home.

The boys then head out on an adventure across the Island, where they encounter pretentious ‘Gap Yah’ travellers, some very hungry dolphins and angry Australian fathers amongst other things.

As we’ve come to expect from the series the gags fly in thick and fast and whilst some of them miss their target the majority hit the sweet spots, toilet humour sneaks its way in at times, which whilst not appealing to personal taste clearly has an audience as well.

It is also perhaps their most endearing and poignant outing. We’ve seen these guys go through a lot together and there is one sequence in particular which manages to get to the audience on an emotional level really well, a feat the first film tried and failed.

Verdict: Whilst it may not be with out its flaws this is the perfect send off for the boys. Its everything the first movie should have been and then some, its a shame the actors are likely to too old for another outing but this was the perfect note on which to sign off.



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