The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

The Purge, released in 2013 promised a lot and delivered very little. Whilst offering some interesting ideas about class warfare and prejudice it never quite lived up to its interesting premise.

The Purge is a night that takes place once a year where society is allowed to purge itself of its sins and frustrations, with all crime being made legal for one night.

The problem with the first film was that it chose to take place in one location as opposed to exploring the streets and letting the potential anarchy run riot on screen.

As the title of the second film may suggest that is exactly what we get here. The film takes place on the streets and whilst continuing to explore social inequality actually indulges its audience with the violence and anarchy that the first one promised us with.

The Purge: Anarchy is one of the rare horror sequels that actually expands the universe it is based in effectively. Providing us with a good old fashioned exploitation flick that delivers all the violence and anarchy you’d expect.


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