Ted 2 (2015) Review

Since making a complete pig’s ear of hosting the Academy Awards two years ago Seth MacFarlane’s career seems to be stuttering. His last film, A Million Ways to Die in the West failed to repeat the box office success of his first movie Ted and was met with quite the critical bashing. His latest film, Ted 2 really doesn’t buck that trend.

Seth MacFarlane’s particular brand of humour is certainly a required taste. His combination of random pop culture references and slapstick/stoner humour is undeniably dividing, with some seeing it as the best thing to happen to comedy since Monty Python and others, myself included seeing it as nothing more than the nonsensical rubbish it is.

The first Ted film was admittedly, not as bad as i’d anticipated, it had a few funny moments but ultimately its ‘bros before hoes’ slushly sentimentality weighed it down and made it something of a bore towards the end.

This time around Ted is back, and now he’s married and wanting a kid. However the state decides to look into Ted and his background and he is forced to battle for his right to be treated the same as everybody else, as opposed to somebodies property.

Joining him on mission to fight for his right to exist are buddy John (Mark Wahlberg reprising his role) and Amanda Seyfried’s lawyer, Samantha L Jackson (Baddum Tish.) Unfortunately whilst there is certainly a slight potential for social commentary with the plot McFarlane instead just opts to replay a joke that had in all honesty, run its course three years ago.

Within minutes the film has effectively become a live action version of Family Guy, complete with its own totally unnecessary and cringey opening song and dance number. The film then goes into full MacFarlane mode, bombarding us with constant pop culture references and having random cutaway gags.

Admittedly there are a few funny gags in there- one scene where John and Ted go heckling at a comedy improv night is rather amusing and is a great satire of how comedy isn’t willing to push the limits any more. Unfortunately that is exactly the problem the film has- MacFarlane stays well within his comfort zones and after two hours fart jokes and a bear getting stoned become rather tiresome.

Like the first film the film then becomes overly sentimental as the film practically repeats the ending of its predecessor and just likes it predecessor it fails to hit the notes it wants to and feels forced.

Verdict: If a live action version of Family Guy is what you’re looking for then then might be up your street, however if you’re looking for a laugh a minute comedy you’d be better off going to watch The Minions. All Ted 2 does is reinforce what a lot of us already knew- Seth MacFarlane just isn’t that funny.



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