Suicide Squad trailer reaction

In one of the longest trailers for a comic book movie we get the first look at the like of The Joker, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc. Watch below and then read our reaction which follows.

Most of the trailer is shots of each member of the squad, broken up by voiceover and a creepy version of Bee Gees’ I Started A Joke.  The voiceover is Viola Davis spouting David Ayer’s trademark clunky dialogue, as Amanda Waller.  She seems to be playing a role more akin to the character from the New 52.  Having more direct control in not only the inception of but also the deployment of the Suicide Squad.  She is also known for not being keen on superheroes; good or bad. The first thing we learn is that “the worst of the worst” has been caught, this has to be The Joker, however when we first see Jared Leto embodying the epitome of villainy he looks free.  We saw in the BvS trailer that he’s left a gift for Batman, in the shape of a red tinged suit with the words “HAHA JoKe’S on you BATMAN.”  It’s possible that the clip we see of The Joker in the SS trailer is a flashback to when he killed Robin.  Jared Leto looks chilling, foreboding and carries that trademark touch of humour.  With reports that he is staying in character even off camera, it will be exciting to see if he can live up to or even emulate the legacy left behind by Ledger and Nicholson.

Harley Quinn takes centre stage more than any of her team mates.  Often depicted with a high pitch whine of a voice, she’s a devoted sidekick and girlfriend to The Joker.  We see her shot in many different time periods including a shot of a young blonde woman in glasses and a lab coat being slammed down onto a gurney.  Later we also see that same woman strapped down with a purple glove teasing her face. Presumably she starts out as psychiatrist; Dr. Harleen F. Quinzel, until she’s tortured by The Joker.

We see a lot of shots of masked men and women shooting up a prison.  We see a mass of heavy armoured prison guards running to something.  And we see a smashed window in the same setting.  This has to be our first look at the DC Universe’s Arkham Asylum.  We see The Joker being escorted out of a similar setting.  Which suggests his cronies are there to help him do what he’s done so many times, escape Arkham. There are suggestions of several other origin stories as well, we see Cara Delevingne not donning the Enchantress costume, but cave diving gear.  This as well as a glimpse at Will Smith with what looks like a daughter, suggests we will get a look at Will Smith playing Floyd Lawton as well as Deadshot.  This could be just the tip of the iceberg; the cast list features many alternative names, maybe we get an origin story for every single member… I hope not.

Even with a glimpse at Killer Croc and Will Smith’s star power as Deadshot the focus of excitement is on The Joker.  Other than Loki Marvel have struggled to find a memorable villain, this gives DC the chance to take the upper hand here.  The comics are rich with dark and diverse villains, hopefully Suicide Squad will be a demonstration of that. Follow me on Twitter @Brambi Follow us on Twitter @FilmsandWhatNot


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