New trailer for Bond movie Spectre

Early today the new trailer for Spectre the new James Bond film dropped.

We open with a voiceover from Ralph Fiennes as M taking his new seat as leader of MI6.  He’s chastising Bond for actions that he’s taken during a Dias De Los Muertos parade; which we already know is the opening set piece. The Craig/Fiennes Bond/M relationship has been fractious from its inception in Skyfall.  It seems James is up to more dissenting rogue missions.

We are then plunged into a world of Bond that we know and love. He ends the exchange with a quip and then we see the new Bond car that does 0-60 in 3 seconds.  Introduced by Ben Whishaw returning as Q after his excellent turn in Skyfall.

We get a glimpse of a steel ring that bares a symbol any Bond fan would recognise.  It’s the familiar logo of Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion (Spectre.)

After we see James engaging with a new addition to the Bond girls legacy; Monica Bellucci.  Bautista as Mr Hinx fills a door frame as he bounds into an extravagant room.  Mr. Hinx could be a similar role to Oddjob as we see a glimpse at a well choreographed fight scene.

Léa Seydoux is introduced to us amongst an array of exciting action beats.  It seems she’s playing a reluctant damsel in distress.

Blink and you may miss the two glimpses we get at Sherlock‘s Andrew Scott.  The first of which is him fighting with M.  From the previously released plot summary we know he is the new head of national security and thinks MI6 is outdated.  This adds to my colleague Liam’s theory that he is the big bad and Christoph Waltz is merely a red herring.  The second moment is Scott pulling his Moriarty face (see below.)


There is still a lot of mystery about Christoph Waltz’s character it does seem too obvious for him to be the new Blofeld.  He does declare himself to be the author of Bond’s pain, but this is quickly followed by the aforementioned Moriarty face.

We can expect more of what we love about Bond, although it will continue with the revisionist history but after Casino Royale and Skyfall.  It will blend the old with the new and throw in a few action beats; from the trailer it seems there’ll be cars, planes and boats for James to sink his teeth into.


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