The Death of Superman Lives What Happened? (2015) Review

Over the years there have been many films that have been left on the scrap pile, abandoned mid way through production for one reason or another. From Orson Welles’ adaptation of Heart of Darkness to George Miller’s Justice League movie there are plenty of films that have left films wondering what we would have been given.

One of these films is Tim Burton’s take on the Superman tale- Superman Lives, which was initially to be released in 1998 shortly after the release of Batman and Robin. For various reasons, all outlined in the documentary the film never got to see the light of day and ever since fans have questioned just how good the film would have been. Burton had worked wonders with the Batman franchise and the rather intriguing casting of Nicolas Cage in the lead role has made this one of the most discussed films that could have been of all time.

Directed by comic book enthusiast Jon Schnepp The Death of Superman Lives What Happened is an engrossing and fun documentary that gives fans all of the questions they are looking for. Featuring interviews with the likes of Kevin Smith (who had wrote the original script) and director Tim Burton the film leaves very few questions unanswered and at the end of it makes you wish the film, for all its insanity had come to light.

It also provides an interesting look at the creativity and funding process behind making a film- showing us just how many changes a film can under go and also how much a studio can interfere- especially in the early days of the movie.

The Death of Superman Lives is made by a fan, for the fans and it comes across that way. Schnepp is clearly an enthusiast and his passion for the project shines through throughout. Rumours of Schnepp doing a mini TV series about other films that haven’t been made would be very much welcomed by myself and I’m sure by others who have watched his movie.


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