Red Band Deadpool Trailer Is Here!

20th Century Fox instead of bemoaning it’s fans for wanting to see something it had put out, much like the DC response to the leaked Suicide Squad trailer, have bided their time.  Now it’s time for the HD Red Band Deadpool trailer.

For those who don’t know Deadpool, the new trailer gives you a rough idea of the character.  Deadpool is Wade Wilson an expertly trained mercenary assassin with accelerated healing powers that were further increased by the Weapon X program.  He is also immune to toxins and psychic powers due to speedy cell regeneration.  He is the most meta marvel character, being absolutely aware that he is a comic book character.  He’s sassier than Spider-man and is known and the “Merc with a mouth.”


Within his own narrative Deadpool’s origin story is of much mystery.  Even whether his name is real is often thrown into discourse.  Farfetched revelations are often profoundly realised in the comics, only to be retconned several pages later.  I hope the writers have a lot of fun with his origin in the film.  The only thing we know is that he wants to do right by someone else.  Potentially it could be Copycat fellow X-men and love interest of Wade otherwise known as Vanessa.


The trailer does give a very good example of that we have fourth-wall-breaking, audience-winking jokes, we have pretty gruesome violence that’s played for laughs, some swears that you won’t hear in other Marvel films and there’s even a slight swipe at Ryan Reynolds’ previous superhero outing; The Green Lantern.  Not only is it not Ryan Reynolds’ first superhero movie, it’s also not the first time he’s played Deadpool.  Though we try and try to forget X-men Wolverines, many of us remember what they did to Deadpool.  I can barely talk about it, let’s just see the pictures.


XMOW-268     Ryan-Reynolds-as-Wade-Wilson-X-Men-Origins-Wolverine-2009


Ugh, we all remember now?  I don’t blame you if you don’t, it’s a forgettable representation at best.  When we got the first look at the new Deadpool costume released on twitter it suggested a much more loyal outting for the mutant.  The trailer furthers my faith in the Deadpool film.




Much better…

It’s clear to see why fans are so excited about this film.  That’s before we even mention that Cable is in the trailer.  Cable is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey who was born in the present but sent into the future.  Cable and Deadpool was one of the most successful comic book series for the two characters.


The promotion of Deadpool suggests that 20th Century Fox are making a film for the fans.  The trailer makes no attempt to attract a wider audience, there are probably many more trailers to come.  As it stands though, the buzz is very much amongst the fans.  The Deadpool trailer has just over 1 million views as I write.  The Suicide Squad first look rests nicely at 46.5 mill.  Suicide Squad has a good 2 weeks on Deadpool, but it will be interesting to look back at Deadpool in 2 weeks.  Suicide Squad and Deadpool are both unknown entities to non-comic fans.



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