James Bond: Potential Replacements for Daniel Craig

The 24th James Bond film Spectre hits cinemas this Monday and speculation has been rife has to whether or not it will be Craig’s last outing as the iconic character.

Following a series of shocking statements where the actor stated he would rather slit his wrist than make another Bond film it looks increasingly likely that by the time Bond 25 roles around we will have a new Bond in his place. Craig has proven himself to be one of the best Bond’s of all time and certainly the most financially successful if nothing else. Following on from Craig is going to prove difficult but casting a new Bond is always an exciting experience. Here is a look at some of the potential replacements for Bond, some of whom are favourites with the bookies whilst some are just personal suggestions.

Idris Elba


Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first. For the last few years there has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not it would work to have a black James Bond. In my eyes continuity has never been Bond’s strong point so why not? His casting would certainly prove controversial but it would make one hell of a statement. However the question really is whether or not Idris Elba has what it takes to take on the role.

The actor has quite the CV but it is his work on the hit TV show Luther that has got everybody talking about him as Bond. The character of John Luther is certainly a complex one and with Bond exploring himself more in recent movies Elba could bring the right kind of emotional intensity to the table. 

Elba also brings his sheer size and charisma. As seen in Beasts of No Nation he knows how to dominate the screen and his screen presence is second to none, that being said this could prove too much for Bond and perhaps some of the more sophisticated requirements might not be met. I’d certainly like to see Elba’s take on the character though and his casting would certainly ruffle a fair few feathers.

Damian Lewis


Speculation about Lewis has been rife in recent weeks after the Homeland actor had his odds slashed by bookmakers, with some even making him favourite for the role.

On first glance Lewis appears to be an odd choice, however when you sit down and just listen to Lewis talk you realise it would probably be rude to leave him out of the conversation all together. The guy oozes Britishness and is no stranger to espionage based roles. Of all the people on this list though Lewis would be my last choice, whilst he does possess a certain sophistication he doesn’t look the part for Bond and with Bond appearance is everything.

Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom has had his odds cut in recent rapidly in recent weeks, so much so that some are describing him as the Jeremy Corbyn of the race.

Whilst certainly being one of the more recognisable names on this list Bloom lacks the charisma required for Bond and has spent the majority of his career in the shadows of other actors. His major roles in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean were both as supporting characters and I struggle to see him as a leading man, especially Bond.

A definite no from me.

Matthew Goode


All of the actors on this list Matthew Goode is the least known. Like Bloom he has never played a leading role before but his performances in Stoker and The Imitation Game show that he certainly has the chops and the right look for the role. Goode would prove very brave casting and let’s not forget Craig was not a household name when he was cast.

Henry Cavill

download (1)

From one extreme to another. Henry Cavill was at one point deemed Hollywood’s most unlucky man after narrowly missing out on the roles of both Batman and James Bond in the past. Of course the actor later went on to be cast as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and is set to appear as Krypton’s favourite son for a second time next year in the hugely anticipated Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice.

With that in mind it seems difficult to imagine Cavill now taking on the role of Bond, as much as he may want to. It has been confirmed that Cavill’s Superman is to be to the DC cinematic universe what Iron Man is to the MCU and with that in mind it would appear that his schedule would be far too busy to have the time to fit in such another huge role.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Best known for playing Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has become a surprise contender in the Bond race. The Danish actor certainly looks the part but he has yet to prove himself on the big screen and has never starred as a leading man. He is also the oldest actor on this list at 45, though that is the age Craig was when he made Skyfall. 

Similarly to Cavill he would likely face some huge scheduling clashes but would the allure of Bond be enough to tempt him away from GOT?

David Oyelowo


Snubbed last year by the Academy after his brilliant portrayal of Martin Luther King in Selma David Oyelowo has proven himself to be one of the finest British actors working today in recent years and it is no surprise to see his name make an appearance in the Bond discussion.

Oyelowo is one of the most versatile actors around and if he were to be cast as Bond it would be fascinating to see the type of Bond we would be given. Oyelowo has shown that he can play suave and sophisticated but also streetwise and violent, which could turn out to be the perfect combination.

Jon Hamm


So far on this list we’ve had a potential black Bond, a potential ginger Bond  and a potential Danish Bond so why not chuck an American into the mix just to infuriate the purists even more?

Jon Hamm has the classic Bond look, he’s tall, handsome and suave and as we saw in Mad Men the guy has tons of charm to spare. With Mad Men having finished up now it’s likely that the actor would have a lot more time to negotiate with, whether audiences would be that accepting of him however is another matter.

Tom Hardy


Current bookies favourite Tom Hardy is also likely to be the most popular choice amongst audiences, especially in the UK. Hardy is one of the most beloved actors working today and his name is turning into box office gold in the UK, with his latest movie Legend sitting at number one at the box office for a number of weeks.

Hardy has had one hell of a year and being cast as Bond would certainly be the icing on the cake for him. His performance as Reggie Kray showed that he knows how to pull off a suit but whether or not he could sit drinking a Vodka Martini remains to be seen. Hardy is rough and ready and perhaps too much so for the role of Bond- he would certainly be a step away from the conventional bond and if his performance in This Means War is anything to go by I’d rather not seen him take on the role.

Michael Fassbender


Now for my personal choice. Ever since he walked into that bar in X-men First Class Michael Fassbender has looked perfect for the role of Bond. He ticks all the right boxes and is one of the finest actors working today (check his recent work in MacBeth and his upcoming role in Steve Jobs.) Fassbender’s time as Magneto is likely to be coming to an end soon with X-men Apocalypse marking the end of this trilogy so it would be perfect timing for him to get his license to kill.

Bond is always in need of reinvention when the actors change and Fassbender would be able to take Bond back to his roots, continuing the trend set by Craig and Mendes. He also has strong ties with certain directors and who knows, we could even see Steve McQueen and Fassbender team up for a Bond film in the future.


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