Ronaldo (2015) Review

Cristiano Ronaldo is at the peak of his career, he is scoring an obscene amount of goals for Real Madrid, is a three time Balon D’or Winner and has won more trophies than most clubs in the last few seasons. This really begs the question though as to why we need a documentary about him now? There is no real story to tell as of yet because it is still being written, would it not have made more sense to have studied the player long after his career had ended and to study the impact he had left on the modern game?

Ronaldo the Documentary offers you very little that you haven’t seen before. The documentary is nothing more than an exercise in hagiography and vanity; informing us that Ronaldo is a brilliant footballer, has lots of money, was a lonely child and loves his son. The whole ‘look at him playing with his son, what a great man’ novelty soon wears off as it becomes impossible not to get flat out bored with the feature. Ronaldo is a nice man yes, do we need a whole documentary to tell us that? The film never probes deeper, it has no real angle on the tale other than ‘jeez what a nice family man he really is.’

Like most documentaries about footballers the film fails also because Ronaldo, like most footballers is incredibly dull in front of the camera. Having been media trained from an early age it is clear that Ronaldo is not able to drop the mask in front of camera, even when he is at home there is still a post match interview vibe coming from him. In fact the only time the film ever gets really intimate and interesting is when the focus shifts to his family members, all of whom have spent the majority of their life outside of the spotlight. The documentary never takes enough time to speak to them though, a decision that costs the film in value.

Ronaldo is a documentary for those who love the player only. The film offers no new insight into his life and whilst it is great to relive some of his big footballing moments on screen this is nothing more than an exercise in hero worshipping.



3 responses to “Ronaldo (2015) Review

  1. I hate these kind of documentaries – ones that focus on an extraordinary person and end up gushing too much and reveal nothing of the subject. Great review! I’ll avoid this like a slide-tackle.

    • Thanks for reading Gareth. Yeah it’s unfortunate, I just spent the whole film wondering why they’d even bothered making it. In all honesty I’d much rather a documentary about the other Ronaldo, there’s a lot more interesting stuff to document there.

      • I hear you. Brazilian Ronaldo has a heck of a back-story.

        Maybe a great Cristiano Ronaldo documentary will come long after retirement, when the dust has settled and he can reflect. You’re welcome, by the way.

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