Do I Sound Gay? (2015) Review

Most people would be lying if they were to say they hadn’t at least wondered why sections of the gay population have a certain intonations and speech patterns. Journalist and film maker David Thorpe, a recently single gay man in his 40’s sets about challenging this and looking to change his own accent to sound less gay.

The doc starts off with a series of vox pops, with Thorpe walking the streets of New York asking members of the public whether they think he sounds gay or not. Then he goes along to speech therapists and  interviews gay celebrities like David Sedaris and George Takei- the opening of the film sets the film up to be nothing more than a story about a gay man having a mid life crisis.

However the movie soon becomes so much more than that- Thorpe expertly manages to link all of this into a greater discussion about identity and cultural change. He explores the idea of gay men suffering from an ‘inner homophobia’ and delves into the idea of some gay men having serious hang ups about their sound and appearance. He talks to people from all warps of the gay community- from spandex clad butch men whipping each other in front a crowd at Gay Pride, to a 15 year old Diva who is taking down school buddies one bitch fit at a time. He explores his own child hood in intimate detail, asking his family to pin point the moment they knew he was gay and the moment his voice began to change.

Verdict: Thorpe’s documentary turns out to be a quietly courageous, incredibly personal and wonderfully humorous affair.



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