First Look At Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor Strengthens WWII Rumours

Oops!  Fellow co-star Said Taghmaoui posted a picture of himself and Chris Pine behind the scenes on Wonder Woman yesterday.  It was swiftly removed presumably at the gripe of a Warner Brothers executive.  The film is not chalked for release until 2017 but filming has already began.


The photo shows the pair in period clothing from the Second World War.

Rumours are already circling that part of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be set during WWII after footage from Comic-Con showed a WWII dressed Batman battling off several soldiers.


We’ve already seen footage of Wonder Woman in the modern day for the crossover film but this suggests maybe the Dark Knight and the Amazonian will have already crossed paths.

I suggested in my analysis of the Suicide Squad trailer that the DC universe will be taking most of it’s source material from the 2011 The New 52 revamp of DC.  Steve Trevor since 2011 has been a government agent and super spy working as the US liaison for the Justice League.  He is of course primarily the main love interest of Wonder Woman.

After the events of the Flashpoint comic storyline he has trouble convincing Suicide Squad assembler Amanda Waller that the Amazonian’s are not a threat.  There’s a lot of possibility for an expansive universe with what DC have in front of them.

The most recent rumour about Wonder Woman was that Nicole Kidman is being approached to play her mother.

Wonder Woman is set for release on June 23 2017.


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