Minions (2015) DVD Review

Minions- the mischievous yellow sidekicks to Gru in the Despicable Me films have become a cultural phenomenon in recent years.  You can’t turn around without seeing some sort of Minion merchandise somewhere, they have even taken over the internet- being used for popular memes on all sorts of social media sites. Their solo movie was inevitable but whether the little critters had enough legs in them to sustain a full feature was up for debate.

The film takes us all the way back to the beginning of time, starting with an opening sequence that chronicles the Minions working for all sorts of dastardly villains, from Dracula to Napoleon; the only issue though being that they keep inadvertently killing their leaders. Eventually the Minions end up in 1964, in an America where free love rules and three minuscule yellow people walking around doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

The three Minions, Kevin, Bob and Stuart who have been set to the US to find a new leader end up visiting Villain Con and working for Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock.) Overkill plans to use the Minions to break into the Tower of London and steal the crown jewels, needless to say it doesn’t work out quite as she’d hoped.

For many The Minions have already lost their novelty- their gibberish talking and slapstick humour is strictly aimed at children but that isn’t to say that older people can’t enjoy it as well. In fact I loved it. The Minions has an infectious nature- one that never takes itself too seriously unlike its Despicable Me predecessors.

The Minions knows exactly what it is- its a fun movie that is aimed directly at children, but those adults out there with a child like sense of humour will find a lot of joy in those little Yellow critters.



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