Captain America: Civil War Trailer Analysis and Predictions

Marvel fans have eagerly awaited the public release of the Captain America: Civil War trailer for months. Some clips from the movie were shown to attendees at D23 but the full trailer had it’s world premiere today without any announcement. Take a look at my analysis and predictions. I am not in the know, I am extrapolating from comic book knowledge, the trailer and rumours.

(Contains spoilers of the Civil War comic series and predicted spoilers of the film.)

It picks up where the Ant-Man post-credit scene left off. The Winter Soldier or James “Bucky” Buchanan, proves he remembers Captain America. He’d previously had his mind wiped by HYDRA as they and the KGB used him as a weapon. The manner in which he talks to Cap suggests he may have trapped himself there after his memory returned and he realised all the people he has killed over the past 50/60 years.

From the Ant-Man post credits scene we know that they kicked around the idea of involving Tony Stark but decided against it because he “wouldn’t understand.” I think Tony knows he killed his dad, Howard Stark, and has sent the police descending on the building to track him down. While Captain America would obviously want him to join the Avengers.

The trailer cuts to a giant explosion. The Civil War comic series was kicked off by a giant explosion after a group of amateur superheroes try to capture villains way out of their league. One of the supervillains, Nitro, explodes levelling Stamford, Connecticut and killing 612 people.

The trailer explosion shot looks like it hits a very important meeting of very important people. I believe it will come as a result of Captain America and selected cohorts attempting to apprehend a villain.

The trailer briefly shows us Crossbones, he could be the villain they are trying to apprehend. He has the ability to generate a circle of energy in front of his face which could fire energy beams. Rumours have also circled that he is wearing an explosive vest. Cap attempts to stop civilians getting caught in the fight by telling Wanda “Scarlett Witch” Maximoff to elevate him. The explosion in the trailer does seem to originate from mid-air.

Thunderbolt Ross the father of the Hulk’s love interest from The Incredible Hulk, Betty Ross, is back in an Avengers HQ. I’m glad to see him back, he’s wielding a document entitled Sokovia Accords. Sokovia is the fictional country that the Maximoff siblings are from, it suffered a lot of damage in Avengers: Age of Ultron. An accord is a policy.


Sokovia during Ultron battle (Marvel/Disney)

Thunderbolt Ross describes Cap as a vigilante that has operated with great power and supervision that cannot continue.

I think the combined events of the collateral damage from Crossbones, the apparent rebellion from Cap against the police, and the damage from Age of Ultron has lead to the government looking at whether superheroes need to be kept in check, hence the Sokovia Accords. Ross wants them to sign up to a watchdog of some kind.

Cap like the comics, does not want to sign up and goes on the run. It’s understandable given the events of  Captain America: The Winter Soldier and what happened to the last sanctioned organisation he worked for.

We see him contacting Natasha “Black Widow” Romanoff. The exchange includes her trying to sway him and ends with Cap saying: “Are you saying you’ll arrest me?”

And here comes the exciting bit… Enter Iron Man. We already know he’s not with Cap on this. He thinks they should sign up to it, because: “if we can’t accept limitations, then we’re no better than the bad guys.” He’s also probably carrying some guilt for Ultron.

We know from promotional images that Hawkeye is on Cap’s team presumably to protect the family we saw in Age of Ultron.

This trailer also features some first shots of Black Panther. He was a peacekeeper in the comic series but it seems he’s on Iron Man’s team. Some think is because T’Chaka, his father, was killed by the Winter Soldier like Howard Stark, when he was a HYDRA agent, when they were trying to source vibranium. Black Panther’s fictional home country, Wakanda, is rich in vibranium reserves.



There’s a brief shot of James “War Machine” Rhodes lying on the floor in Tony’s arms. It’s possibly a result of Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) who is a confirmed character in the film. Although he does not kill anyone in the comic series despite being a well known villain.

On that note, before I finish, lets look at the confirmed characters that are not in the trailer such as Zemo. Spider-man is all but confirmed by Marvel to be in it, but lets face it do we really want that spoiled for us? Vision and Ant-Man don’t show up either. I think one of those three is going to switch sides during the film.

Last but by no means least what is the fate of Captain America. Some of you may know he dies in the comic series.

This trailer ends with the Winter Soldier and Captain America beating the living daylights out of Tony Stark, after apologising first of course.We also see in a few shots previously the Winter Soldier trying to rip out the coil that powers the Iron Man suit, with fury on his face. The scene looks like it happens in the same place as the three fighting.

I think Tony Stark kills Cap in self defence and Bucky responds with vengeance.

Chris Evans has said he wants to retire the red white and blue costume, but it is believed he has 2 more films left on his contract. Could this be a red herring though? Is Marvel finally going to kill of a major character and stick to it?

We also see Bucky wielding the shield in the fight. Is this a little tease for him taking up the role of Captain America which has happened in the comics after Steve Rogers’ death.


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