Top Six Pixar Movies


Credit- Disney/Pixar

Pixar are one the most consistently brilliant film studios in cinema.  Masters of animation and storytelling, the love the studio puts into it’s work shines through.  Excluding a very select few, every film could put up a good argument to be in the Top 6.  To celebrate the recent release of The Good Dinosaur; these are my 6 favourite films from the studio that has brought so much to cinema.

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5 responses to “Top Six Pixar Movies

      • Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out now. It’s also great that you’re interested in the MCU as I was going to ask if you have any interest in posting on There’s a great readership for social posts (like this one) related to popular franchises. 😀

    • Thank you
      It was really hard to whittle it down, I had to leave out some favourites.

      I don’t write for anyone else at the moment but I post all of my listicles on here.

      • That sounds great! Would you be interested in posting some on Moviepilot and see how they faired in terms of reads? I would love to help get your work seen even further! 🙂

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