Best Horror Movies on Netflix UK



Ever ended up spending so long scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch that you’ve just decided to turn it off and go to bed instead? Yeah, me too. Netflix is the best film streaming service on the web today and often we find ourselves spoiled for choice.

So we’ve decided to scour through their massive library and pick out the films that are really worth watching- starting with the horror genre. The horror genre is one of the most popular and one of the easiest to get lost looking through, especially with all the rubbish remakes and sequels that are stagnating in there. So here is our countdown of the best horror on Netflix UK

Child’s Play

Wana play? The Child’s Play series is one of the most franchises in horror and what better place to start with it than at the beginning? Despite the fact the franchise stopped taking itself seriously after the second movie (until its 2013 reboot) this one plays everything straight down the line and provides some of the best jump scares in the genre. If you want to have fun and a few scares, this is a good place to start.


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