Best Comedy Movies On Netflix UK

Ever ended up spending so long scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch that you’ve just decided to turn it off and go to bed instead? Yeah, me too. Netflix is the best film streaming service on the web today and often we find ourselves spoiled for choice.

So we’ve decided to scour through their massive library and pick out the films that are really worth watching.

This time the comedy genre often perfect for lying back with a cold one, something to cheer up and even sometimes to deride the world around you. We’ve selected out a few of the best comedy films on Netflix, nestling in there amongst the endless rom coms and stand up specials.

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Wet Hot American Summer

A list of American A-List comedians before they were famous. With the likes of Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks it is a lot of fun to watch for the celeb spotting. They all come together for a camp movie satire. Taking off the usual love triangles, dangerous rescues and the ‘cool kids.’ Recently was subject to a Netflix original series that serves as a prequel.

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