The Ridiculous 6 (2015) Review

The_Ridiculous_6_poster (1)

Source- Netflix/ Happy Madison

Netflix knocked it out of the park in October when their first ever feature film Beasts of No Nation premiered (check our five star review here.) The film looks set to be a serious contender during awards season with Idris Elba being a lock for a Best Supporting Actor nomination but the service clearly have other intentions for their second film- The Ridiculous 6.

The film, the first of four starring Adam Sandler to be made by the service is a western spoof about six brothers who discover they have the same father and have to go and save him when he is kidnapped by a rival gang led by Danny Trejo.

By now we know exactly what to expect from a Sandler movie and The Ridiculous Six, despite being relatively well made is no different at all. Sandler’s range is effectively two characters- one is the idiot, the other is the sensible hero in a bunch of idiots. In The Ridiculous Six he is the latter.

Sandler is the leader of his group that also includes Taylor Launter being the slow brother, Owen Wilson as a former security guard to Abe Lincoln (guess how that joke ends) Terry Crews as a piano player who is 50% white- Jorge Garcia (Lost’s Hurley) is feral and mumbling and Rob Schneider is the Mexican brother to Launter’s Lil Pete.

The production of The Ridiculous 6 caused some well documented controversy- with several actors leaving the movie because of its representation of native Americans. Unsurprisingly the film does toe the line when it comes to offense, as you’d come to expect from a Sandler film. Most of the jokes are misjudged and made in bad taste and the film does at time border on casual racism.

The women, all of whom are curvaceous, busty and seductive are reduced to secondary eye candy as they are often are with Happy Madison productions with every day hero Sandler being the object of their affections. A joke we have seen in every Happy Madison movie dating back to the beginning of time.

By this point we know what to expect from Sandler and Co and The Ridiculous Six, despite a few okay moments is pretty much more of the same.

1 star


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