WWE vs. NXT – Dream Matches

NXT is the hottest brand in professional wrestling today. It is also one of the most interesting. Since its inception in 2012, the developmental branch of WWE has grown at an astonishing rate, receiving rave reviews from both critics and an incredibly passionate fanbase. For the first time since the Monday Night Wars, the WWE roster has some genuine competition. It’s unlikely the Florida-based NXT roster would ever invade an episode of Raw, or even SmackDown. But what if they did? Here are five feuds we would love to see happen in a war of WWE vs. NXT.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sami Zayn






It would be difficult to construct a traditional Face vs. Heel programme for these two indy darlings. The former American Dragon and El Generico (Bryan and Zayn, respectively) are so adored by the WWE and NXT Universes it would be nigh-on impossible to make one of them a bad guy. So don’t, make this match Face vs. Face. Simply lay down the challenge from one to the other and give the Ring of Honor alumni 20 minutes (at least) inside the squared circle, one-on-one, in a standard wrestling match.

It wouldn’t matter who won, the match would be a masterpiece, a real treat for those who count themselves not as sports entertainment fans but as wrestling fanatics. Better yet, why not use a gimmick we haven’t seen in a while and make it a Best of 5 Series? Even without a heel for crowds to jeer, the tension would be unbearable as each competitor fought for an enormous amount of pride and respect.



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