Peep Show Series 9 (2015) DVD Review

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It’s been three years now since Jeremy ruined Mark’s life by confessing his love to Dobby, right before Mark proposes to her. Although this is all typical between the two. Every season if they’re not ruining it for themselves they’re ruining it for each other because their codependent and human. So it’s not long until they’re back living together.

It seems from the first episode that very much will be different in this final series, seeming as if it will serve as an unwanted glimpse into the future of Mark and Jez’s life. The series quickly flips on its head as the pair are drawn back together again.

The whole gang is back together for Season 9 including Isy Suttie who always shines as Dobby, Matt King as Super Hans, Neil Fitzmaurice as Jeff and even Olivia Colman returns as Mark’s ex-wife.

The series follows the inevitable chase by Mark for the usual girl tat is just out of his reach. Using his underhand tactics that lowers himself in his own estimations, but the prospect of a successful happy relationship is enticing enough. Despite the tragedy of the last women he slyly clawed back from someone they were fickle with. This time it is another returning face in the shape of Catherine Shepherd as April. The girl he feigned interest in The Hair Blair Bunch, also known as Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homunculus, to chase to Dartmouth University in season 2.

Jeremy finds himself still pursuing his career as a life coach with one client. Although we see a slight change by Jeremy who’s hedonistic lapine pursue to have sex has now evolved to include the male form of our species. It is hilarious watching Mark being accepting of this, while Mark is by no means homophobic he is prudish and disgusted by sex, yet has an unrelenting need to be accepted or be cool, watching that dichotomy play out across his face is a lot of fun.

It all culminates, in true Peep Show style, into a doomed to fail, cunning plan to solve everything in one foul swoop. Can Mark finally get his girl and make it work? Can Jeremy finally

The final series of Peep Show has retrodden familiar ground to provide a true and honourable finish to the series. With the usual incidental yet very insightful comments on the self absorbed and self serving nature of the human condition.



The extras are your usual servings of bloopers with practical prop and set failures and the occasional witty recovery line when the performer has corpsed, it is a short reel with very few laughs. Though a very very short range, every deleted scene in the extras contain very funny punchlines and even insights into the dynamic between different characters such as Jeremy and Dobby.


Release Date: 26th December

Certificate: 15

Running time: 144 mins approx

Extras running time: 10 minutes

RRP: £19.99

Special Features: Bloopers


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


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