Ten Hidden Gems from 2015

2015 has been one hell of a year for blockbusters- Jurassic World broke box office records only for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to arrive several months later and break them again. Several big blockbusters have also achieved critical acclaim as well with Mad Max: Fury Road shaping up to be a huge player during awards season. But there have also been plenty of brilliant smaller movies in 2015- ones that perhaps only got a limited release, or went to straight to video on demand. We have decided it’s time to give these films a little recognition as the year’s end approaches and so we have listed 10 hidden gems that have sneaked under the radar and where you can find them.

10: The Scopia Effect


The debut feature from writer-director Christopher Butler was released straight to VOD back in April and is to be released on DVD at the start of February. The film is the story of a young Polish girl who has the ability to experience several different lives. It’s an undoubtedly ambitious project and whilst at times it does lose focus it is still a note worthy debut and it also features some of the most dazzling visuals of the year.

Currently available on VOD
Released on DVD February 15th

Pre-order Your Copy Here- The Scopia Effect [DVD]
Check the Trailer Out Here
Visit the official siteĀ 



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