Nine Unanswered Questions For Star Wars Episode VIII

We’ve been to see Star Wars several times now at the cinemas, it has still not lost it’s appeal. The action is still exciting, the drama is still tense and the lore is still a mjystery. We’ve collected some questions that we cannot answer from what we see in the Force Awakens. Some of these we’ve attempted an answer at based on knowledge of Star Wars and some are just unanswerable until left up to Rian Johnson in Episode VIII.

How did Lor San Tekka know Kylo Ren before? How did he get the map?


Lor San Tekka says to Ren that he knew him before, before he changed his name and embraced the dark side. He is a traveller and explorer according to his files on he also helped Luke Skywalker: “recover secret Jedi lore that the Empire had tried to erase.” He also holds the first line of dialogue in the movie as he hands over the map he says; “This will begin to make things right.” It seems he had a hand in creating Luke’s new Jedi training camp with the help of the recovered lore, that would explain how he knew Ren as Ben Solo. He may have the got the map from being allies with the Republic but it is clear he knew Leia Organa in a time before as he says: “to me she’ll always be royalty.”

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