Academy Award Nominations Verdict: The Five Biggest Snubs

The Academy Award nominations were announced this morning and as is custom with the announcements there were some pretty huge disappointments. Whilst there are several films we would have loved to seen get some more recognition there are some snubs that are just straight out baffling.

Here we are going to take a look at what are, in our opinions, the biggest snubs by The Academy this year.

Carol- Best Picture



There have been a lot of films over the last twelve months that could have been nominated in the Best Picture category and whilst several late entries to the race missed out, the biggest film missing from the line up was Todd Haynes’ sensational Carol.

The film was an early Best Picture front-runner after its premiere at Cannes and whilst it may have lost that status following the arrivals of The Revenant and Spotlight later in the year it was still expected to get itself a nomination. The Academy have up to 10 spots to fill and they only filled 8 leaving many wondering how they managed to miss this.

If we’re being picky about it as well it certainly warranted a place over Ridley Scott’s The Martian, which whilst being an undeniably good film certainly wasn’t anywhere near as accomplished as Carol.



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