Top Seven Ryan Gosling Films

Ryan Gosling is one of the hottest actors working in Hollywood today. Since making his name in the Notebook back in 2004 his star power has continued to grow and after a brief hiatus he returned at the start of this decade with a vengeance. His lauded turns in movies like Blue Valentine, Drive and The Place Beyond the Pines established as one of the finest actors working in Hollywood today.

After venturing into the world of directing with the dividing Lost River Gosling returns to the other side of the camera with The Big Short, which hits UK cinemas this coming Friday. To celebrate the release of the movie we are going to take a look at Gosling’s  seven best performances to date.

7: Crazy Stupid Love (2011)

2011 was the year of Gosling- so much so in fact that three of the movies on this list were released that year. Perhaps his most surprising turn that year though came in Crazy Stupid Love, a romantic comedy also starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrell. In the film Gosling plays Jacob Palmer, a womanizer who takes Carrell’s freshly divorced Cal Weaver under his wing and teaches him how to get more women in the wake of his wife’s recent affair.

Gosling showed us with Crazy Stupid Love that not only could he play a romantic lead, which we already knew but he could also turn his hand to comedy when required. Jacob’s exchanges with Cal provide the movie with some of its most memorable scenes and Gosling shines in the role.

Number Six


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