Ten Great Actors/Actresses Who Have Never Won An Oscar

With the Oscars just around the corner and the awards races seriously hotting up one of the biggest talking points of this year’s Academy Awards is whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio will finally pick up an Oscar. The actor has been nominated four times for his acting in the past and The Revenant will be his fifth attempt. The bookies currently have him down as the hot favourite and with The Revenant picking up some major momentum in the last few weeks it looks increasingly likely he will take the award home.

Winning an Oscar however does not define your career and there are several other brilliant actors working today that have never received an Oscar despite some phenomenal performances. Here we are going to take a look at ten actors and/or actresses currently working today who have never picked up one of the prestigious awards either.

Edward Norton


Previous Nominations- 3

1997- Best Supporting Actor- Primal Fear- Lost to Cuba Gooding Jr- Jerry Maguire
1999- Best Actor- American History X- Lost to Robert Bengini- Life is Beautiful
2015- Best Supporting Actor- Birdman- Lost to JK Simmons- Whiplash

Edward Norton, perhaps best known to most audiences for his role in Fight Club alongside Brad Pitt is one of the best actors of his generation and despite having earned three Academy Award nominations, the most recent of which was in the supporting category for Birdman, where he lost out to JK Simmons for his performance in Whiplash.

Perhaps the time Edward Norton most deserved to win was back in 1999 for his performance as Neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard in American History X, however he was pipped to the post by Roberto Bengini for his performance in Life is Beautiful.



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