2016 Royal Rumble – Ranked and Reviewed

So there you have it. The 2016 Road to WrestleMania is officially under way.

It wasn’t as we predicted (or indeed hoped) but things could have been a lot worse.

Here’s every match, ranked from worst to best.

6. Pre-Show Match


Credit- WWE

Well this sure as hell happened.

The only thing of note is the pop Damien Sandow received, despite not being on TV for ages.

5. Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio (c)


Credit- WWE

So the United States Championship has now changed hands three times in two weeks. Kalisto and Del Rio have played hot potato with a belt John Cena spent the majority of 2015 trying to rebuild as a symbol of prestige.

What’s worse is the matches aren’t very good. The Lucha Dragon and Mexican Aristocrat just don’t seem to click. There were a handful of slip-ups here, which hurt what could have been a basic but well-executed bout.

Expect another rematch on Raw. And probably another title change. Because WWE.



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