WrestleMania 32 – How we would book it…

wrestlemania_32_logo_by_medosayed-d8fugncWith the Royal Rumble out the way and a triple three main event announced for Fastlane, we are officially on the Road to WrestleMania.

As with last year’s Rumble and Fastlane, the main event of the Show of Shows looks set in stone already, with Triple H and Roman Reigns on a collision course for April 3.

But what about the rest of the card?

The Royal Rumble match teased a number of future programmes, which made us really quite excited indeed.

So, with WWE looking to pack 100,000 fans into the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, here is how we think they could (and should) book the Showcase of the Immortals.


Natalya vs. Paige

For some reason, these two second-generation divas are friends again. They had a mini-feud in the latter part of 2015, which was never properly concluded, and then, as the latest season of Total Divas kicked off, they were back on TV together, smiling like nothing had ever happened.

We can only assume/hope it’s all a work, and the stellar in-ring performers will come to blows some time soon to set up the first of two WrestleMania matches we have pencilled in for the women’s roster.

Okay, it’s only the pre-show. But a WrestleMania pre-show could easily be two hours long. So this match could easily go 15 minutes and, at the top of the night, get an enormous crowd excited for the evening ahead of them.

André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Just like last year, this non-event should be bumped back to the pre-show. It was a great moment at WrestleMania XXX when Cesaro eliminated Big Show to win the inaugural battle royal but, let’s be honest, it’s a “tradition” intended to do nothing more than get more talent a WrestleMania appearance to their names.

If it has to happen, we would book it like this…

Have a smorgasbord of jobbers and mid-carders batter each nonsensically for 10-15 minutes, throwing each other out at random and with no real sense of narrative. Then, moving into the final act, have a fan favourite such as Damian Sandow (sorry, IWC) eliminated by Big Show (last year’s winner) only for Big Show himself to be eliminated in a collective effort from the Social Outcasts.

Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and Curtis Axel then have a classic four-corner stare down moment and, after a few minutes’ more action, Curtis Axel last eliminates Heath Slater to finally win a battle royal.

The ensuing feud would hardly be the most dramatic in WWE history but, if booked correctly, could be very entertaining indeed. It would also be a chance for some perennial jobbers to pick up a few wins, albeit against each other, and create a few memories in otherwise forgettable WWE careers.

The Main Card


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