Best Romantic Movies On Netflix UK

Ever ended up spending so long scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch that you’ve just decided to turn it off and go to bed instead? Yeah, me too. Netflix is the best film streaming service on the web today and often we find ourselves spoiled for choice.

So we’ve decided to scour through their massive library and pick out the films that are really worth watching.

This time with Valentine’s Day right around the corner we’re bringing you the best of the romance genre from UK Netflix. So whether it’s a quiet night in cuddled up with a pizza or a perfect way to unwind after noshing and quaffing in a packed restaurant which is even more cramped than normal as they cram in as many two people tables as possible, we’ve got the choices for you!

Also check out the rest in our series like the Best Horrors and Best Comedies on Netflix.

But without further ado, in no particular order…

The Best Romantic Movies on Netflix


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